MASA Street Art App

The MASA mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android. Uploaded by global street art scouts, the MASA database is expanding every day across the world. Find street art that is close to you, explore artists, and view murals that have been lost to time.

The Map

Browse over 1,000 pieces of art on the MASA map. Click an icon to view the artwork in more detail and learn about the artist. Our current database is focused on the USA but users can upload art from anywhere.


MASA's database has almost 500 artists that have pieces of art viewable in a public space. Find your next favorite artist, and explore their works on their profiles. Search and filter our artist listing by their names, nicknames, and cities. It's especially interesting to explore artist pages to see how his or her style translates across different pieces. We do our best to include artist Instagram pages and websites where you can learn more and often you can purchase work from their website.


Artwork in the MASA mobile app database is tagged with information about the artwork's content. It is easy to find murals depictiing musicians, sports heros and politicians.

Upload Art

Participate by creating an account an uploading images from the app. Our street art app will detect GPS information from your photo and automatically add the address along with adding the image to the map.


Click on the upper right hand icon on any piece to get a shareable URL for any piece of artwork.

Street Art News

The homepage news slider aggregates news from sources sharing information about street art events, latest works from top artists, and interviews.