Houston Murals and Street Art

Houston’s warm climate and population boom make it a perfect place for a lively street art scene. Houston murals are celebrated all over the city and indoors as well, with the Graffiti and Street Art Museum of Texas located in East Downtown Houston. The museum strives to preserve graffiti and street art history as well as foster talks and activities for street art related issues and projects.

In addition to the graffiti museum, there is plenty of support for Houston street art throughout the city. The Houston Urban Experience (HUE) biennial mural festival continues to add impressive large-scale street art to the city’s walls every two years. The HUE festival was created by local Houston artist Mario “GONZO247” Figueroa Jr. with the intent to engage with artists from around the world and provide a growing collection of public art in Houston. Some of the Houston street artists who have painted in the festival include Colors Oner the Apex Writer, Zu Art Collective, Jasmine Zeyala, Guerra Girl, and Nicky Davis, as well as international artists. HUE murals can be found throughout Houston’s cultural hubs, including East End Houston in 2nd Ward, Arts District Houston, East Downtown area, and North Downtown area at Saint Arnold Brewing Company.

The Arts District, a Texas-state appointed Arts and Culture District encompassing the 1st and 6th Wards, also showcase incredible Houston murals.

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